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They Laughed At Me When I Left The Dealership After I Had Bought My Car!

They Knew They Had Gotten The Best Of Me!

NOW I Laugh At Them Because I Discovered Their Dirty Little Secrets And I'll Never Be Laughed At Again!!!!

Don Roach is a veteran of the “buyer VS dealer” car-wars….

He has seen every-underhanded tactic used by dealers and individuals whose sole purpose was to rip you off.

He has made a pledge - Never To Over Pay For A Vehicle Again
And Now YOU don't have to over pay either!

  Whistle Blower
Consumer Advocate

Thursday 5:35 A.M.  

Dear Friend,                                                     

                  In a minute you’re going to be so mad, you’ll want to drive down to the dealership, where you bought your last car and, tar-n-feather every S-O-B in the place. 

Because, I’m going to tell you every scam, dirty trick, after sale sneaky add-on, back-end ploy and almost illegal-advertising gimmick used by dealers to get thousands of dollars of EXTRA MONEY out of you. And, once you know all their dark little secrets… you’ll never over-pay for another car again.


         There’s a Bulls-eye On Your Back


I Just Released A Book That Has Been Turning The Car Industry Upside Down.

The Name Of This Expose' Is

Car Secrets 101

 How To Save $1000's On Your Next Vehicle Shocking Secrets, Scams And Tricks Revealed

Did You Ever Wonder If You Really Got Your Best Deal The Last Time You Bought A Vehicle?

Was the deal "Best" for them or you?

Would you like to know how to prevent losing $1012 on your next purchase even if you thought you got the best deal?

Should you know THE most important step in saving money buying your new or used vehicle and why most people never do it?

Would you like to know the latest, most powerful stealth tactics that allow you to get the lowest price?

Did you get all the extras the salesperson told you that you was going to get?

Did you read the fine print?

OR... After starting to read the fine print you thought  "Oh well, I'm not sure what all this means and I don't want to look stupid so I'll just trust them and I'm sure it will be OK."

After all, a lot of people buy vehicles here and someone would have said something if this dealership was shady, Wouldn't they?

Did you wonder what all those extra charges were for and how they would benefit you?

What is GAP insurance?

Did I just pay $895 to get back $500 IF my vehicle is stolen?

What are those little numbers on my windows? How about those little paper stickers? Did I pay for them? What good are they to me?

Did You ever feel like you were just made to look like a fool?

Wouldn't it be nice and reassuring to know that not only did you get the best price on your vehicle, but also avoided all of the hidden costs or non-essential options that are pushed on you?

Women are especially vulnerable when going to a car lot. It seems that the "pros" think they can take advantage of them and they do.

Have You felt like you were a victim or some prey that a salesperson was attempting to manipulate?

Can you see the value of being one of the select few that knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have received the "best" deal for you?

If You haven't purchased many vehicles ... YOU need this information. If not you will be taken advantage of ... It will cost you money

Because the salesperson is a professional there is no reason that they should have the advantage over you

I will show you how to avoid the really dumb mistakes that 83% of buyers make when buying a new vehicle

With Car Secrets 101 you will be armed with the knowledge and tools to win the car buying game

You will learn the car dealer process, the games that they play, how to read the fine print and translate their true meaning and how to prevent them from using their schemes against YOU


  How Much Did You Spend Needlessly On The Last Vehicle You Bought?


“You will save over $20,000 reading Secrets by my friend Don. Average Americans buy a car every three years, or 20 plus cars in a lifetime. Save over a $1000 per car, Your little investment in this book returns you over a thousand fold return.”

Mark Victor Hansen #1 Best selling Author

Co-Author of Mega Selling “Chicken Soup For The Soul” series

 “One Minute Millionaire” and many others





Read This Letter Like Your Financial
Life Depends On It To Discover...


  • How To Make $333 An Hour Researching and Buying Your Next Vehicle- page 23
  • One Thing Not To Do Before You Select Your Vehicle That Can Cost You $50 A Month- page 28 
  • What Dealership To Go To That Will Give You More For Your Trade- page 56

  • How To Arm Yourself Against Scam Advertising- page 61

  • What "Backend" Is And How It can Cost You Thousands Of Dollars$$$-page 32

  • How To Get More For Your Trade - REVEALED- page90

  • Learn What "Bumped" Means And How Much It Costs You- page 95

  • Outrageous Secrets Pulled On Buyers Of Used Vehicles- chapter 7

  • One Minor Change That Can Save You Up To $100 A Month On Your Insurance- page 124

  • Not Knowing The Secrets On Pages 105-107 Could Cost You $3700

  • Learn The Ins And Outs Of Leasing In Chapter 8

  • How To Choose A Vehicle To Lease That Can Save You $57 A Month Average



The secrets Don reveals in his book will level the playing field between you and the car dealer. Buy it, read it and save $1000's.You will no longer be at the mercy of the dealer.

Linda Forsythe, Publisher Mentor Magazine

Walking With The Wise book series




  • Discover What Your Salesperson And A Gunfighter Have In Common- page 97

  • The Biggest Scam In The Automotive Industry REVEALED On page 46

  • Know What Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine If You Even Need An Extended Warranty- page 39

  • Learn The Truth About Etching, Do You Need It, Find Out On Page 60

  • What Do You Do When Put Under Pressure? Find Out How To Handle It- page 23

  • Discover The Best Time To Buy (It's Not Necessarily At The End Of The Month) page 29

  • Revealed- One Simple Secret To Get An Extra $500 For Your Trade- page 53 

I've Seen Enough!!

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Yes There Is More


  • Get More For Your Trade With The Secrets On Page 54

  • Discover How Much The "Credit Pull" Scam Costs YOU- page 35

  • Know What To Do And Say When The Salesperson Brings You An Offer For Your Trade (This can get you another $500) page 54

  • Learn The "Roach" method For Buying A New Vehicle, A Method That Keeps Your Emotions Out Of The Mix- page 91

  • Learn How To Read An Invoice- page 84

  • Find Out When To Give Up Your Social Security Number And When To Flat Refuse

  • Poor Credit? You Must Know These Tricks

  • Discover Why Credit Card Companies Stay Awake All Night Figuring Out How To Make You Work Harder and Longer Hours For Them

  • Miss This Revelation On page 107 And You'll Be In Court

  • Discover These Scams On page 109 And You Won't Buy The Vehicle ... If You Do - You Lose

  • Find Out Why Your Car Insurance Costs More Than Your Younger Brother

This book, Car Secrets 101, is a Absolute *MUST* read! You'll get exposed
to the inside secrets of the car business so you don't get ripped off
again. With this book you can make your own intelligent choices and save
thousands of dollars instantly.    - Matt Bacak, 
Atlanta, GA

I wish I had read Car Secrets 101 before I bought my wife’s Mercedes. I would have saved thousands of dollars and time. You won’t find better information or advise anywhere! Get this book! It will save you money, you gain insight and learn powerful secrets.”

Steven E #1 Best Selling Author

Wake Up And Live The Life You Love series


Dear Don,

I just finished reading your book tonight.  Thank you for providing some great insight into making that all important purchase - buying a car.  I'm getting ready to buy a car at the end of the year - and feel very confident after reading your book that I will be able to negotiate a better deal for myself.  As a female, I've always brought my dad to negotiate for me - not this time! 

Thank you for showing me how to save $$$ while getting the car I really want!

Peggi Cunningham, Coach, LA, California

Being a sales trainer that believes in honesty and integrity, I applaud your book, Car Secrets 101. Scams and tricks are not necessary to sell any product. Read Don's book and see how much you've lost in the past and how much you will save in the future. You will save hundreds times the cost of this book.  

    Eric Lofholm, Sales Trainer   www.ericlofholm.com

“Car Secrets 101 – Is the type of book they should give you in High School before you go out and put your hard earned money into someone else’s pocket.  After reading this book, as a 46 year old who has purchased no less than 10 vehicles in my life, I realized that in one way or another I allowed myself to be a victim each and every time.  Don I want to Thank-You, for this book of knowledge that will transform the way anyone who reads it purchases a vehicle.” 

Kathryn Banks

Colorado Springs, CO

I've Seen Enough!!

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Yes There Is More

  • Repair Your Credit .. Go From 0 To A High 702 In A Few Months- see page 137

  • Discover How Long The Bad Stuff Can Stay On Your Report- page 136

  • REVEALED! A Secret Trick Credit Card Companies Use That Can Cause Your Score To Plummet And Their Bottom Line To Soar-  page 132

  • "Lingo" To Make The Salesperson Do What They Promise

  • Don't Miss Chapter 7's Revealing Scams That Could Cost You Up To $3500

  • Don't Stay In The Dark. Find Out The Good, Bad And Ugly Of A Lease- pages 117-119

  • What Is Normal Wear And Tear? Find Out

  • 7 Tricks You Must Know About Before You Buy A Used Car, Truck Or SUV

  • What Type Buyer Are You? Can That Cost You Money?

  • What Is A Salvage Title? How Do You Know If You Have One? page 75

"This amazing book by Don Roach is truly revolutionary. Remember we must keep our head in the clouds WITH our feet on the ground and whatever we are doing in life it is so powerful for us to know as much about the topic as we can. So if ANYONE out there is going to buy a car BUY this book first. It will be an investment that will save you money and you will be so excited to finally know the real truth about how to get a great deal on a car. So get this book."

Michele Blood Best selling author and creator of www.MPowerTV.com  and www.MusiVation.com

The Question on your mind is should I continue with the way I have bought vehicles in the past or could he have something here?

Where do you learn this type of information?

Do you go to college for it, do you go to your mentor, your neighbor, or the car salesperson down the street?

Is your family's security and well being worth a measly $30 or less?

Is it really this serious you ask?

How long does it take for you to earn $3000 - $10,000? That is typical how much is overspent in a new vehicle transaction.

What can you buy your family with that kind of money?

A new car is typically our 2nd largest expenditure and it should be a happy experience. Unfortunately some dealers have robbed us of that pleasure. It no longer needs to be that way. You now have the opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge to know you received the "best" deal and it was the best deal for you. 

“Don knows the car business and will help you get a better deal. In a business where you never know who to trust, it’s so wonderful to have someone like Don on your side. His knowledge, integrity and desire to help make
 Car Secrets 101
a winner.”

Warren Whitlock #1 Best Selling co-Author

Wake And Live The Life You Love

Marketing Coach


If you are a skilled negotiator this book will still save lots of extra dollars.

You are probably thinking that this is just another frivolous book and that it won't tell all because it would step on too many toes....You are Wrong Mr. and Mrs. car buyer.

I tell all in this book.

If you are going to make the investment of buying a vehicle of any kind it would seem to me that one of the best investments you could ever make is to purchase and read Don Roach’s Car Secrets 101. The measly investment for this car buying wisdom will come back to you many times over with the secrets Don reveals in this book. I will never buy another vehicle without referencing this book.

- Joe Polish, President of Piranha Marketing, Founder of The Genius Network™ Interview Series, and co-author of the Nightingale Conant Program Piranha Marketing

- www.joepolish.com, www.geniusnetwork.com

In fact to let you rest assured that you are going to get your money's worth I offer you an unheard of Guarantee. The average person buys a vehicle every 3 years. Buy my book, read it , refer to it when you buy your next vehicle. Refer to it and update your insurance, refer to it and improve your credit and any time up to 3 1/2 years and this book doesn't save you 3 times the price or more then I don't deserve to keep your money. Send it back with your receipt and I'll return your money.

It will in fact save you $1000's of dollars

It will save your pride

It will prevent you from being the prey of the car salesperson

It will open your eyes to a secret world you didn't know existed

I take all the risk - You have NO RISK

Get this book, get a second copy for your family members and loved ones so you can help them prevent a draining of their bank account.

Click on the button below and go to our secure page where your information is completely safe.

The $29.97 USD you invest today will save you many times that amount.


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P.S. It's absolutely insane for you to spend $1000 - $4000 more than your friend or neighbor for your vehicle.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so click right on the above button. We take all major credit cards and they are processed over a secure server. All your information is safe.

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P.P.S.  You can now remove all the stress and tension out of buying a vehicle armed with this knowledge. No longer will they laugh at you behind your back. You will be in control. Go ahead and click the above button and relax.



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